When will Mashle Season 2 be released? Note the Official Schedule Here!


Get ready for an action-packed comeback as one of the hottest anime series of 2023, Mashle: Magic And Muscles. It is predicted that this anime series will continue its thrilling journey where there is already information regarding Mashle Season 2.

Recently, the official Twitter account for Mashle made an exciting announcement, confirming to us all the highly anticipated return of the anime in January 2024.

What’s Mashle Talking About?

What's Mashle Talking About?

The first season of Mashle, which premiered in Japan during the spring anime season last April 2023, introduced viewers to the tough protagonist, Mash Burnedead. His physical prowess rivals that of the iconic Saitama from the anime One-Punch Man.

However, what sets this anime apart is how Mash cleverly deceives everyone at Easton Magical Academy, convincing them that his power is actually powerful magic. Drawing inspiration from the fine world of Hogwarts, the series immerses audiences with its caster-filled storyline.

For those who haven’t watched the excellent Mashle anime series, here’s a brief synopsis.

In this extraordinary realm, magic permeates every aspect of life, with spells woven into the fabric of society. However, nestled deep in the forest, lived a young man named Mash. Contrary to the norm, he rejects magic and dedicates himself to rigorous training and muscle building.

Despite his lack of magical abilities, Mash lives a peaceful life with his father, proud of his strong physique. But fate takes an unexpected turn, and Mash’s quiet existence is threatened.

Witness the clash between Mash’s bulging muscles and the evil magic users bent on harming him. Watch first so you know the enchanting magical fantasy plot, where extraordinary power collides with magic power.

When will Mashle Season 2 be released?

When will Mashle Season 2 be released?

My personal excitement reached a fever pitch when I saw the Official Twitter Account for Mashle recently confirmed the anime’s return for a second season. Mark your calendar for the release schedule for Mashle season 2 which is reportedly broadcast in January 2024.

As the magic-fueled adventure of this anime continues, it’s sure to promise more thrilling moments. The new trailer gives a glimpse of the thrilling developments while flashbacking some of the most epic scenes from the first season, leaving fans impatient.

A-1 Pictures, the studio responsible for bringing the first season of Mashle to life, is returning to take over for the second sequel. With their expertise in animation and captivating storytelling, viewers can expect top quality in this long-awaited sequel.

The final word

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey as Mashle re-releases and captivates audiences once again. Can Mash’s muscular body withstand attacks from powerful magic users? The stage is set, and 2024 is sure to kick off with a bang!

Don’t miss the continuation of this incredible story of muscle, magic and destiny. look forward to the trip rollercoaster thrilling journey through a world where forces defy the laws of magic.

Check out the trailer for Mashle season 2 below which is out.