When will Yakitori Season 2 be released? Here are detailed information for you


Japanese sci-fi anime and manga are rather rare. Now, if you consider Doraemon and Pokemon, the scenario is no different as it is for children’s entertainment. Most of Hollywood animation focuses solely on the sci-fi genre. I have an example that is Ben 10 and the famous Marvel and DC comics. However, nowadays, this custom has changed. Yep! Japan is here with sci-fi animation that will be different from the anime we know so far. The anime will have unique artwork and a completely different storyline. Can you guess what anime is talking about? Yoi, namely the Yakitori anime, which I will discuss here, updating for season 2 of the series.

Let’s listen!

When will Yakitori Season 2 be released?

When will Yakitori Season 2 be released?

Yakitori: Soldiers Of Misfortune will be an exciting anime. The series was already starting to make headlines even before its release. Fans around the world are excited about the release of this anime. Yakitori itself was adapted from a novel by Carlo Zenthe novel has the same name as the anime.

That novelist’s name excites you, doesn’t it? Carlo Zen is the same person who wrote the famous novel The Saga Of Tanya The Evil. Well, do you already know yet?

The first season of Yakitori was released on May 18, 2023. The official Netflix anime Twitter site has revealed a poster for the anime. Fans around the world have seen the poster and they have expressed their thoughts on the anime. If you’ve started looking for information on Yakitori season 2, you’ve come to the right place.

Until now, there has been no news regarding season 2 of Yakitori. At first, the creators would monitor the reception of the anime’s first season.

If the anime gets the expected audience and support, then we can have hope for Yakitori season 2. Currently, the makers have revealed little to no information about the anime.

As such, nothing concrete can be said about Yakitori season 2. However, before season 2 gets a chance to be re-released, we have the first season already released. Let’s first enjoy season 1 of Yakitori: Soldiers Of Misfortune, then spread our support for the anime so that it will be updated to a new season later.

What Yakitori Tells About?

What Yakitori Tells About?

Yakitori: Soldiers Of Misfortune is an anime set in a future version of Earth. In this version, Earth is not as it is now. Instead, it has been captured by aliens and they have imposed an oppressive rule on our planet. To fight these aliens, various forces are being formed, but in the end nothing is certain.

In this hopeless scenario, the protagonist Akira dreams of freeing his planet from this alien rule. Reminds us of Eren from Attack On Titan naturally. However, Akira doesn’t know how to join the Yakitori Squad. He had tried hard to get their attention, but failed.

However, one day he is recruited into the police force. His change lay in the fact that he had been recruited as a ‘expendable foot soldier‘ (according to the Netflix synopsis) and nothing more.

Akira must take advantage of this opportunity to show his talent and determination. No matter how small the chance, he had to make full use of it.

Will Akira succeed in his mission? Will he finally be able to do his job? What will be the fate of Akira? If you want answers to these questions, you must first watch the anime which was released on Netflix on May 18, 2023.

Who Are the Characters & Crew in Yakitori?

Who Are the Characters & Crew in Yakitori?

As mentioned above, this anime is an adaptation of a novel with the same title Carlo Zen.

Anime characters include Akira Ihotsu, Zi Han Yan, Erland Martonen, Amalia Schulz, Vasha Pupkin, Rimel and John Do among others. The character will be voiced by Taito Ban, Shunsuke Takeuchi, Asami Seto, Kengo Kawanishi, Kenjiro Tsuda, Akari Kito, Tetsu Inada, and Wataru Takagi.

The animation is directed by Hideki Anbo and the script was written by Mitsuyasu Sakai. Studio Arect is responsible for bringing the anime series to Netflix.

Yakitori Season 2 Official Trailer: When will it be aired?

Even though I don’t have a trailer for Yakitori to embed here, Netflix has released the Opening Sequence Music song from the anime. I’ll embed it below.

As for episodes, it is not yet known how many episodes the creators have planned for the anime if season 2 is renewed in the future.