KPK Officially Detains Secretary of the Supreme Court, Hasbi Hasan, Following are the Facts Revealed from the Hasbi Hasan Case

[ad_1] – The Corruption Eradication Commission or KPK officially detained the non-active Secretary of the Supreme Court (MA) Hasbi Hasan in a bribery case handling cases at the Supreme Court.

Hasbi Hasan is suspected of receiving a cash flow of Rp 3 billion.

Hasbi Hasan was officially detained on Wednesday (12/7), Hasbi was wearing an orange prison vest, his hands were handcuffed.

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Hasbi Hasan did not comment when he was detained, he will undergo the first 20 days of detention at the KPK detention center.

Hasbi Hasan became one of the judges named as suspects in the judge bribery scandal at the Supreme Court.

Hasbi Hasan is suspected of having participated in receiving bribes from the former commissioner of BUMN subsidiary Dadan Tri Yudianto.

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The KPK suspects Hasbi Hasan received billions of rupiah in cash.

The following facts were revealed from the Hasbi Hasan case:

1. Allegedly Received IDR 3 Billion for Case Management

The KPK suspects that Hasbi Hasan accepted a Rp 3 billion bribe to handle cases at the Supreme Court.

This case originated from a criminal report as well as a civil lawsuit filed by the debtor of the Intidana Savings and Loans Cooperative, Heryanto Tanaka, at the Semarang District Court.

Heryanto was dissatisfied with the Semarang District Court’s decision to acquit a defendant named Budiman Gandi Suparman.