UP IN ARMS! Heat Wave Hits Indonesia, Indonesian People Are Advised Not to Leave Home?


BONSERNEWS.com – Circulating chain messages or broadcasts about extreme hot weather in several cities in Indonesia and because of that people are prohibited from leaving their homes.

The message stated that 20 major cities in Indonesia would be affected by an extreme heat wave. Some areas, such as Jakarta 38°C, Depok 38°C, Tangerang 44°C, Solo and Bali 45°C, to Papua New Guinea which are said to almost touch 50°C.

Interestingly, it was stated that the message was the result of NASA’s climatological mitigation monitoring. Therefore, the message became widely discussed.

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According to the hoax check page of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo), this news cannot be justified because the source is not credible.

In addition, BMKG Deputy for Meteorology Mulyono Rahadi Prabowo also said that the air temperature in most parts of Indonesia is currently hot, but not a heat wave.

According to him, heat waves did not occur in Indonesia, but only occurred in areas located at medium and high latitudes.

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“It is known that the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has confirmed that a chain message saying that Indonesia will be hit by extreme heat waves for the next three days is not true, aka a hoax,” Kominfo wrote.

Meanwhile, launching the BMKG website, hot temperatures in Indonesia are a phenomenon due to the apparent motion of the sun which is a normal cycle and occurs every year.

This means that the potential for hot temperatures is a cycle of normalcy in areas such as Indonesia.

Indonesia is not included as a heat wave because hot temperatures in Indonesia are included in the normal category and can occur repeatedly.

One cause of heat waves is the daily maximum temperature in an area that exceeds a statistical threshold, such as five degrees Celsius hotter, than the climatological average maximum temperature.

Thus, information circulating that Indonesian people are prohibited from leaving their homes because they are being hit by a heat wave is a HOAKS. ()