Fact Check: Drinking Cold Water in Extreme Hot Weather Can Cause a Stroke, Check the Explanation Here!


BONSERNEWS.com – Changes in extreme hot weather that occurs in Indonesia feels refreshing if you drink cold water in the hot sun.

However, a viral message about the dangers of drinking cold water when extreme heat occurs can cause a stroke.

People who get viral messages about the dangers of drinking cold water can cause a stroke if you drink it during extreme hot weather like this.

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Is the viral message circulating on social media informing that it can cause a stroke when drinking cold water in extreme hot weather is really dangerous?

Not only in Indonesia, in neighboring countries, such as Malaysia and the Philippines, there are also many viral messages circulating about health that are not necessarily really dangerous.

Apart from informing you that you shouldn’t drink cold water when the weather is extreme hot, the viral message also prohibits washing your hands/feet or bathing directly after exposure to the sun.

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The message recommends that when you have just returned from outdoors, you should wait for approximately 30 minutes before you can be exposed to water again.

This is of course not true because being exposed to water, be it washing your hands and feet, washing your face and even taking a shower is the most effective way to cool off the body.

Washing hands/feet, face and even bathing after exposure to extreme hot weather is even highly recommended because it can neutralize the body temperature that is exposed to heat.

The physical response to cold water can cause blood vessels to constrict to store body heat, instead of causing blood vessels to burst which can cause a stroke.

Meanwhile, drinking cold water during extreme hot weather is permissible and safe because it is the same as being exposed to cold water on the body.

Drinking cold water during extreme hot weather cannot cause a stroke, it’s just that drinking cold water when exposed to direct sunlight can cause headaches.