Often makes ‘jokes’ that are detrimental to MU, the captain reportedly wants to jump from the plane, is that true?


BONSERNEWS.com – Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is one of the players who is now often the subject of ridicule on social media because of his game which often makes blunders to the detriment of the team.

Harry Maguire, who is often bullied, is then in the spotlight, there is even a video clip on Tiktok showing him so depressed that he wants to jump from the plane.

As uploaded by the Tiktok account, @lewa.messi, where he shows Maguire’s interview video.

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In the video, the MU captain is asked what makes him happy and the captain’s answer is to jump from a plane.

Of course, many were shocked when they heard Harry Maguire’s statement in the video. Netizens were busy commenting, sharing, and liking the post.

At least the seven-second video has been liked more than 200,000 times, around 4,000 comments, and nearly 5,000 shares shared.

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In the video, the uploader asks to stop bullying Harry Maguire.

So is the video true? The answer is no, because the video uploaded by @lewa.messi has been edited.

The original was Harry Maguire’s interview with YouTube Manchester United which was uploaded on March 22, 2023.

In the video entitled “One Thing We Don’t Know, About You, Harry Maguire” it shows Harry Maguire’s actual answer when asked what makes him happy is football.

Then Maguire was also asked what he had never tried, but really wanted to do. It was at that moment that Maguire answered Jump from the plane.

Harry Maguire seems interested in parachuting from an airplane because he is also curious about it.

So, the video circulating about what makes Harry Maguire happy is jumping from a plane is a hoax.

Of course it is very unfortunate if the fake news circulates and many people believe it. One thing that must be agreed upon is that of course we all have to stop bullying Maguire. Criticism is clearly needed, but not to the point of bullying.()