Following are the facts of the feud between Yasonna Laoly and Tio Pakusadewo, what are they? Let’s Check the Facts

[ad_1] – Here are 5 facts about the duel between Yasonna Laoly and Tio Pakusadewo. The debate between the two revealed allegations of drug business from within correctional institutions or prisons.

Mutual accusations between Yasonna Laoly and Tio Pakusadewo have recently appeared in the public. Yasonna Laoly’s son, Yamitema Laoly, is suspected of being involved in the drug business.

Not only that, Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights (Wamenkumham) Omar Sharif Hiariej alias Eddy also gave a rebuttal to defend the Menkumham Yasonna Laoly.

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There are at least 4 facts about the debate between Yasonna Laoly and Tio Pakusadewo that shocked the public. Let’s take a closer look at these four facts:

1. Yasonna Laoly gave a rebuttal

Yasonna Laoly said that it was a big lie if there were accusations that his son controlled the drug business in prison. The objection was conveyed today, Tuesday 2 May 2023.

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“Ah, that’s a big lie, there isn’t any. Later there will be a statement from the chief of staff,” said Yasonna Laoly.

2. Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights to intervene

Deputy Menkumham Eddy Omar Syarij Hiariej intervened when his superior, Menkumham Yasonna, was dragged into the drug business allegedly run by Yamitema, who is the minister’s son.

“What I want to say is that this is misleading information,” said Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights, Eddy Omar Syarij Hiariej.

3. Yasonna Laoly ‘attacked back’ Tio Pakusadewo

Yasonna Laoly stated the name of the company mentioned by Tio Pakusadewo, Jeera Foundation.

The company was where Tio had been a coach. He also revealed his denial of the allegations that his son was involved in the drug business in prison.

“That’s right Tio has been there twice. Jeera has also used him as a trainer. So Jeera is a foundation that fosters convicts, baristas, leather (crafts), they do work with the cooperative where he is. Tio was once asked by a coach, but because he committed a serious violation, he was dismissed,” he said.

The accusation against Yasonna’s child was also revealed by an anonymous Twitter account named @partaiSocmed. It was stated that Tio offended the Jeera Foundation.

“What Tio Pakusadewo means at the end of this video is the Jeera Foundation with his company, PT Natur Palas Indonesia, which monopolizes the cooperative and canteen business in several large prisons, where Yasonna Laoly’s son is the Chairman and Co Founder,” said @PartaiSocmed.

4. Yasonna Laoly alluded to foundations

The Jeera Foundation is said to be conducting training for prisoners. Yasonna Laoly emphasized that his son was not included in the foundation.

“This (Jeera) foundation (indeed) exists, he (Yamitema) is not there. The foundation is working with prisons to train convicts to become baristas, (craft) leather, if you see there are leather products, they are ,” he said.

“(My child) doesn’t exist, only the foundation exists, she (Yemitema) doesn’t participate in it, it’s usually politics,” he continued.