When will Urusei Yatsura Season 2 be released? Here’s the Visual Bocoan!


Urusei Yatsura Season 2 has been announced! Here’s everything I know so far about the release date, trailer, story, and news regarding the next season of the Urusei Yatsura anime series.

This classic sci-fi comedy manga and anime series Urusei Yatsura is authored by Rumiko Takahashifans may be pleased to learn that the new anime adaptation of the series is getting a second season.

When will Urusei Yatsura Season 2 Release?

When will Urusei Yatsura Season 2 Release?

Urusei Yatsura season 2 will premiere in 2024 according to the new anime adaptation’s official website. The exact date and time haven’t been announced, but I’ll update this article as soon as more information becomes available.

The first season of the new anime adaptation began airing in October 2022 and ended in December 2022 with a total of 11 episodes. The second season will consist of 23 episodes, bringing the total to 34 episodes for the anime series.

The announcement of Urusei Yatsura season 2 was made on March 24, 2023, along with a new visual featuring Lum, the alien princess and female lead of the series, wearing a school uniform and winking at the audience.

The visual also shows several cherry blossoms floating around Lum, suggesting that the second season will cover some of the spring-themed stories from the manga.

The official Twitter account of the new anime adaptation also posted a message thanking fans for their support and promising more fun and exciting episodes in the upcoming second season.

Who Are the Characters in Urusei Yatsura?

The Urusei Yatsura season 2 cast will be reprising their roles from the first season. The main cast includes:

  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Ataru Moroboshia depraved and unlucky high school student who is chosen to compete with Lum in a game of tag that will decide the fate of Earth.
  • Sumire Uesaka as Luman alien princess from the Oni race who falls in love with Ataru and moves into his house.
  • Saori Hayami as Shinobu MiyakeAtaru’s childhood friend and ex-fiancé who has super powers.
  • Mamoru Miyano as Mendo ShutaroAtaru’s rich and handsome classmate who has a rivalry with him and has a crush on Lum.
  • Kana Hanazawa as RanLum’s childhood friend and rival who has a grudge against her and has a crush on Mendou.
  • Jun Fukuyama as ReiLum’s ex-fiancé who is a handsome yet dimwitted tiger-cow hybrid alien.
  • Aoi Yuki as TenLum’s mischievous little cousin who can fly and breathe fire.
  • Daisuke Ono as Sakurambo (Cherry)a Buddhist monk who is always hungry and has psychic strength.
  • Rie Kugimiya as OyukiLum’s elegant and polite friend who is the queen of the ice planet.
  • Ayana Taketatsu as BentenLum’s tomboyish and mean friend who is a space biker.
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Megane (Glasses)one of Ataru’s friends who is obsessed with Lum and leads her fan club.
  • Tomokazu Sugita as Perm (Kakugari)one of Ataru’s friends who has curly hair and often gets into trouble with him.
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Chibi (Chibideka)one of Ataru’s friends who is short and fat.
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Kakashi (Scarecrow)one of Ataru’s friends who is tall and thin.

What’s the Storyline of Urusei Yatsura Season 2?

What's the Storyline of Urusei Yatsura Season 2?

The second season of Urusei Yatsura continues the hilarious and chaotic adventures of Lum and Ataru and their friends and foes.

The season will also introduce new characters, such as Lum’s cousin Ten, the fire-breathing baby Oni; Sakura, a beautiful and mysterious exorcist; and Ryunosuke, a tomboyish girl who was raised as a boy by her crazy father.

This season also features more of Lum’s alien friends and rivals, such as Benten, Oyuki, Ran, and Rei.

This season consists of 25 episodes, each with its own storyline and humor. Several episodes were adapted from the work’s manga Rumiko Takahashi, while others are original stories. Some of the season’s highlights include:

  • Episode 29: Ataru becomes the target of a group of female assassins who want to kill him for breaking their hearts.
  • Episode 34: Lum and Ataru switch bodies after a freak accident involving a cursed doll.
  • Episode 39: Ataru is kidnapped by Ran, Lum’s childhood friend who holds a grudge against her for stealing Rei, her ex-fiancé.
  • Episode 44: Ataru and friends participate in a school festival, where they encounter various supernatural phenomena.
  • Episode 49: Lum’s father decides to test Ataru’s love for his daughter by challenging him to a duel.

Urusei Yatsura Season 2 is a classic anime that mixes comedy, romance, sci-fi and fantasy genres. This anime is a must watch for fans of the genre and series that I mentioned earlier.

Synopsis Urusei Yatsura

When aliens known as Oni threaten to invade Earth, they promise to leave under one condition—a randomly chosen human must win a one-on-one match against Lum, the beautiful daughter of the Oni leader.

The “lucky” person chosen happens to be the lustful and unlucky high school student Ataru Moroboshi. Given 10 days to try to seize Lum’s horns, Ataru realizes how impossible the challenge is as he is faced with the power of Lum’s extraterrestrial being.

Motivated by the marriage vows of his childhood friend Shinobu Miyake, Ataru manages to catch Lum off guard. She accidentally grabbed her bikini top first, but she finally achieved her true goal.

Even though the game is over, Lum misunderstands that she is the one Ataru wants to marry, and she decides to move in with him.

The poor student is constantly trying to shake off Lum’s clinging while doing his best to reconcile with the fiancé he desires. After Ataru’s heroic feats yield such disastrous results, it’s questionable whether luck will always be on his side.

Urusei Yatsura S2 Official Trailer: When will it be out?

The trailer for Urusei Yatsura season 2 has not been released as of yet. However, I will update this article as soon as new information becomes available. While waiting for that, you can first watch the op from Urusei Yatsura season 1 below.

Visual Key Urusei Yatsura Season 2

Visual Key Urusei Yatsura Season 2
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