Today’s Viral News West Jakarta J&T Boss Suicide, Curious What Facts Revealed About J&T Boss

[ad_1] – The boss of a J&T delivery service agent with the initials ALG (26) was found dead by suicide at his office on Jalan Tanah Sereal, Tambora, West Jakarta.

He was found dead on the third floor of his office by hanging himself last Wednesday (10/5/2023).

The Head of the Tambora Police, Kompol Putra Pratama, said that it was suspected that ALG was determined to end his life, allegedly because he was in debt due to losing online gambling.

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Here are 5 facts about the J&T boss in West Jakarta who allegedly committed suicide because he lost online gambling.

1. Arrive at the office in the afternoon

ALG visited his office on Jalan Tanah Sereal, Tambora, West Jakarta on Wednesday at 16.00 WIB, before committing suicide. When ALG came, the employees were working.

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The victim’s wife then came and asked where her husband was. “Then, his wife (ALG) came and asked where her husband was.

And, the witness said, ‘The boss is in the back (bathroom)’,” Putra said. Putra said ALG’s wife then checked the bathroom to meet her husband.

However, ALG was not found in the bathroom.

2. Found a suicide on the third floor

ALG’s wife who did not find her husband in the bathroom then asked several employees to help look.

They went up to the third floor of the office and saw that ALG had hanged himself in the warehouse. “Hanged himself using a small white rope,” explained Putra. Putra said ALG’s body was then taken to the Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo for autopsy.

3. Already have 2 children

Putra confirmed that the ALG who was found committing suicide in his office was the owner of the J&T delivery service agency. He is married and has two sons aged 6 and 1 year.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Tambora Police Iptu Rachmad Wibowo and his members then went to the TKP to evacuate ALG’s body. A police line was also installed at the scene of the incident and the case is being handled by the Tambora Police.