Fact Check Habib Bahar was shot by an Unknown Person, Mahesa Al Bantani Clarification


BONSERNEWS.com – Shocked by the news that Habib Bahar bin Smith was shot in cyberspace.

News of Habib Bahar bin Smith being shot was revealed from Mahesa Al Bantani’s YouTube channel.

From the video uploaded by Mahesa Al Bantani on Saturday, May 14, 2023, it is told that Habib Bahar bin Smith was shot.

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Mahesa Al Bantani himself in his video stated that he received the news that Habib Bahar bin Smith was shot since yesterday afternoon (13/5/23).

He knew from photos and voicemails that Habib Bahar had been shot.

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The shooting itself occurred when Habib Bahar fulfilled an invitation from his students to marry.

Mahesa himself stated that the shooting of Habib Bahar himself was true, although he also hoped that this was a lie.

In his video upload, Mahesa voiced his concern about the incident.

As well as advising Habib Bahar to involve third parties and professionals in handling the continuation of the shooting incident.

Mahesa Al Bantani also in his video appealed to the people not to be provoked by acts of revenge.

“Regardless of whether the news is true or not, even though I still believe it, the point is that people should not be provoked,” he said.

“This is the PKI style, it’s an old song,” concluded Mahesa, concluding.