Fact Check: Circulating Habib Bahar was Shot by an Unknown Person, Reveal the Chronological Video Here!


BONSERNEWS.com – In a video, it was revealed that Habib Bahar bin Smith was shot by an unknown person on Friday, 12 May 2023.

In the video, there is a conversation between two women discussing the shooting of Habib Bahar.

According to the video, the shooting occurred at around 9am when Habib Bahar was checking his car.

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Initially, Habib Bahar was followed by two motorcyclists before being shot by an unknown person.

According to one of the sources in the video, Habib Bahar’s clothes were stained with blood after the shooting.

In fact, the turban worn by Habib Bahar was also stained with blood.

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The bloodstained photo was then uploaded by Habib Bahar’s wife, Luen (Fadlun Faisal Balghoits).

Apart from that, Habib Bahar’s blood was also splattered in his car.

Edy Mulyadi also discussed the shooting of Habib Bahar on his YouTube account, Anti Oligarchy.

He said that he had contacted Aziz Yanuar that night.

That same night, Aziz Yanuar went to the scene after receiving information about the shooting.