When is Yuusha Yamemasu Season 2 Released? This is the sequel information


Having the ability to save the world might be a blessing for a while sooner or later it would definitely become very tiring. Leo Demonheart, the strongest savior of the Demon World, faced the same problem in the anime Yuusha Yamemasu and could it continue into season 2?

In the 21st century, the third world war happened and Tokyo scientists found a hero who can fight and win against anyone. Their experiment, known as the Demonheart experiment, helps Tokyo survive for a time.

All those heroes fulfilled their duty but they lost their existence for doing so. Only, Leo had survived the experiment, but it wasn’t the blessing he had originally thought it would be.

Anime Yuusha Yamemasu aka “I’m Quitting Heroingoffers insight into the lives of the heroes and how they struggle with their emotions to move on.

While quitting seems like the easy way out, something no fighter wants to do, sometimes it’s the only option left. Do you want to know more about the anime and sequel Yuusha Yamemasu season 2? Good, then, let’s get started!

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When is Yuusha Yamemasu Season 2 Released?

When is Yuusha Yamemasu Season 2 Released?

Yuu Nobuta And Hisashi Ishii adapting the anime of the light novel and manga series, Yuusha, Yamemasu: Tsugi no Shokuba wa Maoujou I’m Quitting Heroing by Quantum.

Illustrated manga Quantum began publishing the novel series in late 2017 followed by the ongoing manga of the same name. At the end of 2021, Nobuta and Ishii announced an anime adaptation of the Quantum manga.

Season 1 premiered from April 2022 to June 2022 with weekly episodes. Now, it’s been a year and there are no updates regarding Yuusha Yamemasu Season 2. For web series or movies, the delay is quite deep. For the anime, however, that’s not a big deal. We are used to waiting for several years, right?

Since the manga is still ongoing and there are still several chapters left to be adapted into anime, there would naturally be no excuse for a shortage of source material.

This delay may have been due to the creator wanting to collect some of the manga’s chapters first. That’s just my speculation, guys. If the makers confirm the production status soon, expect Yuusha Yamemasu Season 2 to arrive in 2025.

What’s the Storyline of Yuusha Yamemasu Season 2?

What's the Storyline of Yuusha Yamemasu Season 2?

The 3000 year old Leo Demonheart started out as the most invincible warrior. When the Demon Queen and the Elite Four came from the Demon World, Leo was the first to object. He beat them all and drove them away.

To him, they disturbed the peace of the city but that was just an assumption, a kind of misunderstanding. When people start to fear him and think of him as the next Demon King, Leo is disappointed. He then learns about the Demon Queen, Echidna, and her true intentions.

All Echidna wanted was to conquer the Philosopher’s Stone and make the Demon World fertile ground again. Leo offered his help after learning about Echidna but she refused.

He then disguised himself and used the help offered by the Elite Four. It shows Leo’s struggle for 10 episodes to convince Echidna and help her.

In the last OVA episode, Leo admitted that he likes traveling to various places and wants to do it often. Is he hinting at a professional transformation? Nothing can be said for sure yet. Yuusha Yamemasu Season 2 is expected to reveal Leo’s true identity and help him quit his heroic duties.

Who Are the Characters in Yuusha Yamemasu?

Who Are the Characters in Yuusha Yamemasu?

The two main characters of the anime, Echidna and Leo, are very strong. Leo, voiced by Kensho Ono, is a highly skilled swordsman trained for professional combat. Even though Leo enjoyed his talent, he wanted to stop being a Demonheart. Of course, this was no easy feat, especially with the recent missions Leo had taken on himself.

Echidna, voiced by Kaede Hondo, is just as strong as Leo, but actually at a lower level. He had been beaten by Leo and greatly aggravated by him.

Echidna is the Queen of the Demon World but is far from using that title to her advantage. Other characters who will join the cast list for Yuusha Yamemasu S2 are Steina, Lili, Melnes, Edwald, and there will be many more in the future.

Yuusha Yamemasu S2 Official Trailer: When will it be out?

No, there are no trailers available yet. So, I’ll pin it first with the trailer from the first season below before I’ll replace it back with the newest one when it comes out.

You can watch this anime series by streaming it on several online sites because it has not been licensed by the streaming giants.