Let’s Check What Facts Revealed Regarding the Missing Bride and Newlywed, Anggi Anggraeni


BONSERNEWS.com – A woman named Anggi Anggraeni (21), a newly married bride who was reported missing after a day of marriage to her husband has now been found.

The woman from Bogor, West Java (West Java) apparently ran away to approach her lover in Jakarta.

Now Anggi’s husband, Fahmi Husaeni, has decided to divorce his wife because of this incident.

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The following are the facts compiled by detik.com regarding the incident of newlyweds in Bogor who were missing but have now been found to have run away to meet their girlfriends in Jakarta:

1. Chronology of the Newlyweds Disappeared in Bogor

A woman named Anggi Anggraeni (21) from Rancabungur, Bogor Regency, disappeared the day after she married her husband, Fahmi Husaeni.

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According to Fahmi’s statement, his wife has been missing since Monday (6/26/2023).

“What is posted on social media is true. Until now my wife has not been found, there is no clear point where she is, we have no information. Until now it has been 7 days missing,” said Fahmi.

They married on Sunday (25/6/2023). Fahmi said his wife disappeared on Monday (26/6/2023) afternoon.

Before he disappeared, Fahmi explained that his wife had ordered chicken geprek and would make transactions using the on-site payment system or cash on delivery (COD).

Fahmi said his wife had complained via WhatsApp because the person who delivered the geprek chicken never came. Because he was not suspicious, Fahmi also allowed his wife to wait a little longer.

“After that I took a shower, after taking a shower I WA again he was no longer active, his cellphone. I followed him to the front of the alley, nothing,” said Fahmi.