4 Interesting Facts about July that are Rarely Known, Let’s See More


BONSERNEWS.com – It doesn’t realize that it’s already July, for those born this month, does anyone know any interesting facts from July?

It turns out that July holds many interesting facts that are rarely known by many people, one of which is known as the fifth month in the Roman calendar. Well, it’s different from the sequence of months that we usually know.

In addition, this month is also the start of summer for the Northern Hemisphere and winter for the Southern Hemisphere. So, here are some interesting facts from July:

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1. Fifth Month of the Roman Calendar

According to the Roman calendar this month was originally called by name Quintilis which means “the fifth”.

Then changed its name around 44 BC with Jilius or better known as July today.

This name change was intended to honor the Roman king, Julius Caesar, after he died.

2. Pomegranate Lucky Stone

Based on the beliefs and traditions of the Roman people, every month has its own lucky stone which can also symbolize the personality of people born in a certain month.

Not many people know that July actually has a lucky stone, the Pomegranate. This stone symbolizes contentment and courage that radiates from its red color.

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3. Bastille Day

There is Bastille Day in July, which is a national holiday celebrated in France. The celebration begins with a parade and fireworks.