We are drinking craft beer, and discussing spiritual matters... at the same time...at CHURCH!!! (wild eh?)

This is a monthly event on the second Sunday of every month! We gather at the Food Lounge in Santa Cruz at 6:00 pm for a fun event. This is an interdenominational, interfaith and those of no-faith event where all engage in respectful, ecumenical conversation and fellowship centered around the enjoyment of good beer, wine, cider and company.

It is free to attend, and please bring snacks and beverages to share if you would like. If you home brew then please bring some samples to try. Afterwards the party may or may not move to Parish Pub or Surf City Billiards, but you will have to attend to confirm this possibility. Please feel free to invite your friends. 

Childcare will be provided.

Please note: All first time attendees must present valid ID'S, and if one struggles with alcoholism this MAY not be the best group for you. We will welcome everyone regardless of their past or present, but we would be saddened and hurt if we caused anyone to falter in their recovery. If you are interested in finding a community of love with a casual/transparent atmosphere then this group is for you. If you feel that we may unintentionally cause you to slip back into addiction, or if you are convicted never to consume alcohol as a part of your spiritual journey then we have many other options for fellowship.

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