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Too often worship centers are empty 6 days a week and that is a shame. We wish to exemplify community 24/7 at Garfield Park Community Church. The community and the church could benefit from multiple groups using its facility most of the week. We have a dream of creating a church that gives a minimum of 50%-85% of its tithes and offerings back into local community service organizations that are focused on racial justice, conservation, LGBTQ activism, social justice, homelessness and other programs that extend love and compassion.
We also desire to use our space during the week to generate money to pay our bills by becoming a community center for nonprofits and community activities/programs. We have the opportunity to generate much more income monthly to offset our expenses and add much needed paid part time interns if we can donate or repurpose our bulky and stationary pews and purchase tables and chairs for our sanctuary. This will allow us to be more versatile with groups that need large open floor plans like yoga, aikido, aerial arts, concerts, and exercise space or give table seating for banquets, receptions, and seminars. We wish to utilize the tables also to add a different relevant conversational aspect to our weekly worship.  

We also wish to live stream our services and presentations. Many community service organizations will be presenting and raising funds for their organizations during our worship service which resembles a TED talk. If they have the ability to spread the word about their program on the web their fundraising ability multiplies exponentially. This also allows for us to create high quality announcements for events and fundraisers. Of course this allows us to grow our congregation beyond our city and lets those who are in proximity attend even if they have other obligations or interferences during our weekly 11:00 am Sunday service. The world is changing and we have to evolve with it.  Streaming is something that many nonprofits are utilizing out of necessity. 

*All donations to our church are tax deductible as we are a 501c3.

Please help us make this dream a reality.  We would be extremely grateful for any help.