Garfield Park Community Church

We are an inclusive community with a commitment to racial justice, conservation, LGBTQ activism, social justice, ending homelessness, and supporting programs that extend love and compassion. In 2016 we made radical love and inclusion our call to action.

Garfield Park Community Church | All Means All

Social Justice

We held vigils throughout the year for the Santa Cruz community to show support for LGBTQ individuals, Black Lives Matter, and Standing Rock. We also co-sponsored a carnival with the Santa Cruz NAACP that raised funds to promote racial justice. In November, we provided a free seminar to give practical tools for addressing racial bias.

Garfield Park Community Church | All Means All

Benefits for Save Our Shores

Our two holiday carnivals raised nearly $800 for Save Our Shores, a marine conservation non-profit. Each carnival featured music, bounce houses, food trucks, facepainting, and games.

Garfield Park Community Church | All Means All

Give Back Speaker Series

Our Give Back Speaker Series highlighted five local organizations: FoodWhat, the Deedz app, Save Our Shores, Wings Homeless Advocacy, and Project Pollinate. All donations during the service were given to the featured organization.

In 2017...

We will continue to support social justice in the Santa Cruz and surrounding communities with vigils, seminars, and demonstrations open to all regardless of religious beliefs.

In 2017...

We will expand our programming for families and become a community center that provides fun for all ages on a regular basis. 

In 2017...

We'll highlight and support even more great organizations. We are also committed to giving 100% of donations from the weekly service to local groups.

Faith on Tap

Faith on Tap is our weekly social justice discussion group with craft beer and wine (and non-alcoholic beverages). In 2016, we held discussions on topics such as sex and sexuality, diversity, and faith and politics. Our discussion on Black Lives Matter led to the planning and hosting of the NAACP Peace Party. We are a group of interfaith believers, atheists, spiritual-but-not-religious, liberals, conservatives, and not-quite-sures who gather together to learn from each other, commit to making the world a better place, and enjoy good food and good drink! In 2017 we will seek out more opportunities to challenge ourselves and each other on important issues.

Join us in 2017

In our community, what you do with your beliefs is more important than what you believe. All are invited to participate, regardless of your faith, personal life choices, race, sex, sexual orientation, political preference, social status, or economic standing. And all means all!


Coffee and snacks available at 10:30 am. Worship includes contemporary Christian music, positive secular songs, and hymns arranged in modern styles. Childcare is available for infants through age 11.


A weekly discussion on social justice topics over craft beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.


111 Errett Circle

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